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Breakthrough in Treatment of Cataracts

If you or a loved one, or a pet, suffer from cataracts, you might not realise that there is a successful alternative to surgery. That alternative is Ethos Products Bright Eyes Drops - Cataract Treatment, which were tested on the Richard & Judy Channel 4 British TV programme and shown to be amazingly effective.
Please read the IMPORTANT NOTICE about advertising and selling products which cure or treat cataracts, at the foot of this page.
The History of Bright Eyes Drops

Professor Steven Gallant, a biochemist at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, was the first British scientist to discover the beneficial properties of L-Carnosine, a discovery he made whilst searching for a non-surgical cure for his father's cataracts. L-Carnosine is naturally produced in the body by the enzyme carnosine synthetase, high levels are found in nerve and muscle cells. L-Carnosine is not a drug, a vitamin or a mineral and does not react with any drugs. In early life there are high levels of it in the body but unfortunately, it decreases with age. Studies on the many rejuvenating effects of L-Carnosine have shown that it is a very active antioxidant, which effectively quenches the most destructive of free radicals, it helps to prevent skin collagen cross-linking which leads to ageing, loss of elasticity and wrinkles, its amazing ability to rejuvenate connective tissue cells expedites wound healing whilst protecting the microvasculature of the brain from plaque formation, that may lead to senility and Alzheimer's disease.

Professor Gallant said he had been studying the effects of L-Carnosine for many years and that there had been substantive research in China and Russia, where doctors often used drops, containing L-Carnosine, as an alternative to cataract surgery. As his father did not relish going under the knife, he tried to get some drops for him, but unfortunately, they weren't easily obtainable; so his father had to have the operation. The operation was successful, but that got Professor Gallant thinking how great it would be if he were able to develop, and make readily available, a similar product to that used in China and Russia, whereby cataracts could be addressed with a simple course of eye drops. After many years' of research, development and trials, Professor Gallant discovered Bright Eyes.

Following Professor Gallant's discovery, the Bright Eyes drops were first marketed by the Ethos online marketing group as a soothing supplement for various common eye disorders, including cataracts. Ethos were soon receiving reports that their use stopped the progression of cataracts and, in many cases, reversed them. Unfortunately, as there had not been any official medical trial to add weight to these reports, Ethos could not advertise the drops as a treatment against cataracts, they could only say they were a help for cataract sufferers. However, the word soon spread and newspapers started to hear about this so called "wonder treatment" and the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror published what users of the drops were reporting. This lead to even more cataract sufferers trying the drops until someone, it is not known who, administered the drops to their cataract suffering dog with such amazing results, that it was reported to Dog World and Dogs Today.



Daily Mail




Dog World




Daily Mirror




Dogs Today



Channel 4 TV

All this publicity lead to British Television's Channel 4 featuring the Ethos Bright Eyes drops, on the Richard & Judy Show, where it was announced they were going to trial the drops over a six month period. Richard & Judy began by talking to the owner of the online marketing business who had brought the product to the attention of the media. Sitting next to him during the programme was Mr John Bolger, one of the UK's leading BUPA cataract surgeons and world authority on cataracts operations. There were three trial subjects who were introduced with a recording of their preliminary eye examinations, earlier in the week, when it was confirmed that all three subjects suffered from cataracts, with varying degrees of severity.

They discussed the background of Ethos Bright Eyes with a brief explanation of the history and the chemistry and John Bolger narrated a much speeded up clip of a cataracts operation, quickly explaining what exactly was involved in the operation, and the different steps he was undertaking as he completed them. Towards the end of the interview, everyone expressed their eagerness to see the results of the trial.

After only six weeks into the trial, Judy had to make an announcement, which started like this. “In December we featured a new treatment for cataracts (Ethos Bright Eyes), which is simply a lubricating eye drop that is claimed to reduce, or reverse, the effects of cataracts in six months without surgery. Well, only six weeks after we started the trial, we're already seeing some remarkable results”. All three trial subjects then explained their experiences, all announced significant improvement to their eye-sight.

So what happened to the rest of the trial? Channel 4 were bombarded with enquiries about the drops, but their legal department decided it was too risky to continue with the trial, as it might be construed that they were endorsing the product, which had not undergone an official clinical trial. In essence, Channel 4 were worried about being sued if anything went wrong.

All of the articles referred to above, can be seen by clicking on the links alongside this report.
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Following a ruling in 2011 by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) the Ethos Bright Eyes Ultimate Eye Care Drops have been classified as a medicinal product. This means, that without the appropriate Marketing Authority License, the product can no longer be advertised or sold as a cure or treatment for cataracts or any other medical condition in humans but, THIS ONLY APPLIES TO TRADING WITHIN THE UK. We are based outside of the UK, payment is taken outside of the UK and the eye drops are posted from outside of the UK. If you are in the UK and would like further clarification about this situation, please telephone All Purple Handling on: 02921 250 466

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