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Q.1) What is the difference between drops and capsules?

A. Bright Eyes Drops are designed for the lens of the eye and general eye health and to help protect against free radical damage - Bright Eyes AMD Capsules are designed to help restore the macular pigment density which is the body's own natural defence mechanism against free radical damage. People concerned about cataracts should take the drops and people concerned about Macular Degeneration should take capsules. Both should also be taken as preventative measures to help protect against age related visual impairment.Back to Top

Q.2) Can I take both Capsules and Drops? What, if any, are the advantages of doing this?

A. Yes. They complement each other perfectly. The capsules help to restore the macular pigment density at the rear of the eye while the drops work more on the lens itself. Working in harmony together like this they quickly build up excellent protection against free radical damage and also help to accelerate the body's own natural healing processes.Back to Top

Q.3) Why do you recommend I also take Ethos Vital Health as a supplement?

A. Ethos Vital Health is a Super Antioxidant which works over the entire body, including the eyes. It helps to rejuvenate cells and repair cellular damage, so effectively gives double action protection. By taking Ethos Vital Health regularly, the majority of people soon start to notice other excellent benefits in different areas besides their eyes.  Back to Top

Q.4) Should I tell my Doctor or Eye Specialist I am using Bright Eyes?

A. There is no substitute for professional medical advice and it is always advisable to consult your usual Health Professional when looking at alternative treatments. In our experience, most are very open minded and encourage new ideas that will help their patients and many are already actively promoting Bright Eyes to their patients.  Back to Top

Q.5) Do I need to take any special precautions if I am taking medications?

A. Bright Eyes is 100% Hypoallergenic, it doesn't react adversely with any medications.  Back to Top

Q.6) Are Bright Eyes Capsules and Drops safe for children to use?

A. Bright Eyes Drops are not recommended for children under 12 years of age. Bright Eyes AMD Capsules are fine for children and we recommend one capsule taken daily.  Back to Top


Q.7) I wear Contact Lenses. Do I need to take any special precautions?

A. Bright Eyes Drops are 100% hypoallergenic and do not react adversely with anything; including contact lenses. We advise removing contact lenses before applying drops to allow them easier penetration into the lens of the eye. Hold the eye closed for 60 seconds without blinking to allow time for them to go to work without being washed out by blinking, after which time the contact lenses can be replaced.  Back to Top

Q.8) How often should I use the drops?

A. We advise a single drop in each affected eye between 4 and 8 times daily, with no less than 1 hour between drops. Using them regularly will help to speed up results.  Back to Top

Q.9) What is best time of day to apply them?

A. At regular intervals throughout the day.  Back to Top

Q.10) What results should I see and how long will it take?

A. Everybody is different, some people report improvements relatively quickly but users should realistically allow between 3 to 6 months for the full benefits to become apparent and this is also dependent upon the amount of drops applied and their frequency of use.  Back to Top

Q.11) What happens if I forget to use the drops?

A. Carry on using them as normal as soon as possible and try and not to forget to use them again.  Back to Top

Q.12) What happens if I use too much? Can I accidentally overdose?

A. It is impossible to overdose and using too many drops in one application will simply be a waste.  Back to Top

Q.13) Can I use the drops on my dog and other pets?

A. Yes, Bright Eyes Drops work for all vertebrates and work equally as well for animals and pets. Click Here    Back to Top


Q.14) How often should I use the capsules?

A. Twice daily... preferably along with the meals that contain the most fat.  Back to Top

Q.15) What is best time of day to take them?

A. With meals - see above.  Back to Top

Q.16) What results should I see and how long will it take?

A. Supplementation with Zeaxanthin and Lutein is designed to help restore the macular pigment density inside the eye which will begin building up again over time, but this is not an overnight process. It should improve over the course of six months, during which time it will help to restore the body's own natural defences against free radical damage which will stop further degradation. Up until now AMD has been considered irreversible and this supplementation is only aimed at helping to prevent further advancement of AMD but, by combining this supplementation with Ethos Bright Eyes Drops and our Ethos Vital Health powder supplement we are breaking new and unchartered territories which can make new advancements possible. It wasn't long ago that eye drops fighting cataracts were unheard of?  Back to Top

Q.17) What happens if I forget to use the Capsules?

A. Carry on taking them as normal as soon as possible and try and not to forget to take them again.  Back to Top

Q.18) What happens if I use too much? Can I accidentally overdose?

A. As with any supplement you should follow the recommended instructions for use which is one capsule taken twice daily. Taking two capsules twice daily will help to speed up the results but too many capsules taken at once will simply be a waste as the excess will pass through the body and be expelled in the normal way.  Back to Top

Q.19) Can I use the capsules on my dog and other pets?

A. Yes, Bright Eyes capsules work for all vertebrates and work equally as well for animals and pets.  Back to Top


Q.20) I have Glaucoma, can I still use the Bright Eyes Drops?

A. Yes, however it is advisable to leave at least an hour between applications of your Glaucoma Drops and the Bright Eyes Drops to ensure both are still effective.  Back to Top

Q.21) I have sensitive eyes, am I likely to react to the Bright Eyes Drops?

A. The Bright Eyes Drops are 100% Safe and 100% Hypoallergenic. There is a very small chance that you may be allergic to the purified benzyl alcohol used as a preservative, however, this is unusual and will not cause you any harm.  Back to Top

Q.22) I am a diabetic, is it safe to use Bright Eyes Drops?

A. Yes it is completely safe.  Back to Top

Q.23) Can I use the Bright Eyes Drops with other drops?

A. Yes, but it is recommended to space out your applications and leave at least an hour between using Bright Eyes Drops and drops of any other kind.  Back to Top

Q.24) I have been using the Bright Eyes Drops for a few months now and have not yet noticed any improvement.

A. The Bright Eyes Drops are a natural supplement and each individual may react at a slower or faster pace than others. Also factors such as age, level of health and dosage used can all affect the length of time it takes to see results. On average though, a difference is normally seen between a minimum of 3 and 6 months.  Back to Top

Q.25) Do I have to continue using Bright Eyes Drops forever?

A. No. If after a few months you have received the results you wanted, then you can choose to reduce the dosage or even stop for a temporary period of time. If your situation reverses at all, then simply start using Bright Eyes Drops again.  Back to Top

Q.26) How much of the Bright Eyes Drops should I be using?

A. The recommended dosage is one drop, in each eye, between four and eight times daily.  Back to Top

Q.27) How long will a box of Bright Eyes Drops last me?

A. Based on the average dosage shown above, a box (2 x 5ml bottles) will last you between two and one month.  Back to Top

Q.28) I am looking for supplements of Zeaxanthin and Lutein, what is the difference between Bright Eyes Capsules and alternatives available on the high street?

A. The Bright Eyes Capsules contain the highest percentage of Zeaxanthin and Lutein available in one capsule. As a result, it is only necessary to take two Bright Eyes Capsules per day compared with approximately 8-10 per day of similar products.  Back to Top

Q.29) How long will a pot of Bright Eyes Capsules last me?

A. Each pot contains 60 capsules and, based on the dosage of two capsules per day, will last approximately one month.  Back to Top
NOTICE: Ethos Bright Eyes Ultimate Eye Care Drops are an evolvement from the actual original product featured on the Richard & Judy Channel 4 TV Trials and in the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Dog World and Dogs Today publications. We are the only suppliers of these improved drops. if it does not say Ethos Products on the label then it is NOT the same product. Purchasing copy-cat products may lead to disappointing results...
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